Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gen. Almonte on FEF

"I note that, increasingly, your Foundation is involving itself in the national debate on issues of the political economy. This is both fitting and proper—for we need everyone to be thinking on the national prospect. FEF must be heard more loudly and more consistently in the public debate on what we must do.

We must work together to earn the world’s respect. We must work to deserve our honor, our dignity, our freedom. We must live our core values. We must end our internal wars. We must transfer to the people the power of the few over the State.

This is the foundation that will enable us to put our house in order and level the nation’s playing field. This is how to promote and develop a national culture of meritocracy and competition." 
                                                 - Gen. Jose T. Almonte
                                      at the Monthly Meeting of FEF
                  August 31, 2011

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